Starkey Salt Routes

Starkey Salt Routes weave through the Mid Ohio Valley, providing salt to anyone who needs it, regardless of who installed the water system. It is important to maintain the salt level in your water softening system and scheduled salt delivery makes this process easy.

You do not have to stress about when your treatment system needs attention, timing of when to pick up the salt, or lifting that heavy bag in and out of your vehicle. Our salt routes include many areas in  Ohio and West Virginia, so salt is available when you need it. Remember, if you do not already have a water softening system, we are available to install a new Kinetico system for you. Likewise, we can service your current water system.

Starkey Salt Route Locations

Our salt truck travels throughout the following cities, towns, and villages in the Mid Ohio Valley:

  • Belmont, WV
  • St. Mary’s, WV
  • Vienna, WV
  • Lubeck, WV
  • Washington, WV
  • Ravenswood, WV
  • Belleville, WV
  • Murraysville, WV

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